Items to Consider

By answering the following questions, you can help determine the choice of items for your event.

Event Information

  • What is the date of the event?
  • What city and town is the event in? (Some may require permits)
  • Where is the location? A home, business, banquet facility, church, park, etc.? (Please provide us with the name if possible, as some places require specific set ups)
  • What type of ground is it on? For example, grass, asphalt, concrete, deck, or a patio? (Frame tents are used in certain situations)
  • What type of event is it? For example, wedding reception or ceremony, graduation, company picnic, or auction
  • Is it a private or public event?  (Certain fire codes may apply)
  • Do you need a tent or is there a building you are utilizing?
  • How many people will be attending?
  • Do you need a decorator or party planner/consultant to step you through the event day?



  • How many people do you need seating for?
  • Will it be standing room only, partial seating, full seating, theater style seating, etc?
  • What kind of tables, if any, will you need?  Round, rectangular, or tall cocktail tables are available
  • How many people per table? (The standard is eight people per table)
  • Do you need tables for: a traditional head table or sweetheart table; cake, pastry or cookies; gifts; buffet or food stations; one or more bars; DJ; place cards; awards or mementos; trade show booths; etc.?
  • Do you want varnished wood, white padded  or fruitwood padded chairs?


  • What type of lighting will you need?  Halogen, soft white globe chandeliers, Bistro bulb string lights, Christmas string lights, Chinese lanterns, or candles?
  • Will you need table coverings and table skirting? If so, in what color and fabric? Coverings are available paper, plastic, linen, and either extend to the floor or seat of the chair. Do you want overlays or table runners?
  • Do you want chair covers?
  • Do you want china and silverware or paper and plastic ware?
  • Do you need centerpieces or flowers?
  • Do you want a dance floor?
  • Do you want white sides, clear sides, or arched window sides on the tent?
  • Do you need heaters?
  • Do you need portable restrooms or trailer restrooms?

Location Information

  • Are there any obstructions to tent installation?  Trees, underground utilities, fences, overhead limbs or balconies, bushes, concrete or asphalt surfaces, overhead electrical lines?
  • Can the delivery vehicle pull right up to installation location or is there a long carry? If so, then how far?
  • Is there an inside delivery required? Is this delivery on the second floor or higher?
  • Do you need someone to measure the site for you?

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